New FAI Football Management System

Important notice to all Clubs regarding Club account

Following the registration of all players (delayed by Youth team registrations), the successful transfer of all registration data from FAINet to FAI Connect plus transfers in last few weeks, we are now in a position to send out accounts to all clubs.

This will include team & player registration plus any player fines accumulated in this period.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this delay. However, I would also add that all clubs would have been aware of players signed and agreed charges from start of season, so could have paid this before now, as a number actually did…..a thank you to those clubs.

These account invoices will be e-mailed over the next few days and are for immediate payment.

As a result of the November Management Meeting, when a request was made for some latitude on charges, the League Executive took this on board, met and agreed a reduction, subject to payment criteria. The agreement was to reduce the Team registration fee (already reduced from €250 to €200 per team) from €200 to €100 per team for the coming season only. This is subject to the strict condition that ALL team & registration fees are paid by 31 March 2023. Failure to pay by that date will see the reduction removed and team registration fee returned to €200 per team, again for this season only.

Going forward we will look at rewarding clubs who pay on time (in a similar manner) for future seasons.

Please note that when making payment you MUST reference your club name to ensure monies received are posted to the correct account.

Michael Conlon
On behalf of the Wicklow League Executive.